Monthly fee calculations by Les Entreprises Exsosoft Inc

Connect to Nissan DCS via NNANET, under the (Service) tab, click (Manage Warranty Claim).

According to DCS, these figures represent the claims of the last 90 days.

Please make sure that the Date Range : All is selected.
By hovering your mouse over the All box (1248 in our example) you will get the numbers needed for the calculation, enter this data in the form below.

Please enter the (Claim Quantity) :
See example on the left
and the (Total Amount) :
Please do not enter commas, only dots.
(Experience as manager with Nissan) :unexperienced (EX: less than 2 years) | average | experienced
(Department organization) :unorginized | average | highly organized
Dealer Name :

All interactions with Tokyo Marine for transport damage are not included in this calculation.
Monthly fees are recalculated on the first of December, the amount is based on the DMS CDK (ADP), the number of claims and the monetary volume.
In the event of a significant increase in the volume of claims, Exsosoft Enterprises Inc. reserves the right to redo the calculation at the end of a quarter.
If an encrypted connection is not available, we can set you up for a small fee.
We charge a minimum of $ 950 per month.

Paul Desgroseilliers